Friday, 4 May 2012


what is an IP address?
     IP address is an unique identification number  that is assigned to your internet connection by your service provider.for example ,Each house has an unique address,right? likewise,in internet each machine has unique address.we can trace the location of user by their IP address.

IP(internet protocol) address traced
when you click or open webpage or send mail a request will be send to associate server with your IP address in header of request. This IP address can be tracked by their server using the header. So website owners can track your IP address easily. Intruders/attackers can get your IP address by website logs. 

banned in forum or website
sometimes website/forums owners can ban your IP address(eg: or your region/country IP address(eg: to because of your or your region illegal activity . So you may not able to access your favorite website.

Why one should hide ip address (or) anonymous?

  • To protect your computer from being hacked by attackers.
  • To stop being tracked your online surfing
  • To access blocked websites/forums/social network
  • Access websites/forums banned your IP address
  • Multiple registration in forum/websites
How to hide Ip address
Proxy servers are used to hide the IP.
In two ways , you can use proxy server IP address. 
  • set it manually. (it's a tough process better prefer any tools)
  • use IP hiding software this method, easy to use proxy server than manual process.(platinum hide ip,quick hide ip,etc...)
1.Know Your IP address click here: my ip
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